Thursday, August 15, 2013

Caramel gold?

Last month after my finals, I wanted to pamper myself so I wanted to get a hair makeover. I didn't want to change too much this time because the last time I chopped my long hair off into a short bob. Yes I did it without much thinking, I wonder why I was so impulsive back then. I've always admired Jessica Alba & Jennifer Aniston's highlights because they both have medium hair length and a slightly tanner skin tone. So I went on pinterest and pinned tons of hair pictures and brought it to the hair saloon with me. Seeing as I have never been to a hair salon in Adelaide before, (yes I've been here for two years and I never get my hair done at all, fascinating or what?) I googled hair salons in Adelaide and did some research. BUT, I didn't went to any of that because all of them were full and I was so anxious I couldn't wait any longer. So I went to Rundle Mall and walked into every possible hair salon I can find to enquire. And I was quite happy with one of the place I found, because the hairstylist completely understood what I want and explained thoroughly the process of what she's planning to do. 
Anyway, I made an appointment for the next day and completely in love with the results! Plus she blow dried my hair so it was so bouncy I felt like a princess. :p
But few of my friends reckoned the caramel highlights was too gold on me. And now I was thinking to re-dye it again with a darker colour. Some other friends thought it looks nice so now I'm in a dilemma state. 

Do you think this suits me? I need opinions. Gah

Outfit of the day

With love, 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Navy is the new black?

A very brief outfit post. Just wanted to share my new found love for navy. 
It all started out from here... So that day I was looking at my wardrobe and realized navy has been my 'color' without even noticing it. I kept buying navy color items and I thought pink or black was my favourite. Ha, I guess not now. :p

Day 1 outfit

Wearing a navy textured blazer from Asos. It has colorful linings overall the blazer, too cute! Click in the link and you'll see more details from the site. I paired it with my Tommy Hilfiger knitted cable top (my absolute favourite, I wish I have the whole range of colours!) and a white collar top to go for a semi casual look. 

Day 2 outfit

Wearing a jacket from Cotton On in navy. 
With my Hollister cable knitted top and white collared top underneath it again. Paired it with a baby pink and blue colored roman inspired necklace. 
I wore a comfy thick Zara leggings with it because it was freezing out that day. I did the same with my outfit on day 1.

A zoomed in pic. :) 

Mix & match is fun. Hey, saves money too! I shall add this point to one of my effective money saving method. :p

What about you? What's your new favourite colour? 

With love, 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 effective ways to save money for travelling

I love travel. And I don't know anyone that doesn't like to travel. Well unless it's traveling to some place that's boring and you were forced to go, can't blame you for that. :p
I'm currently saving up money for my end of the year trip to Japan. I went there last year and love there so much.
So I've decided to go again this year, this time is different, I'm going to ski, for the very first time. And because my boyfriend loves skiing in Japan. So yes, Japan it is. As all of you that have ski before you'll know the ski package is not cheap, especially for us uni students. :( We're also planning a trip to Thailand because we went Thailand last year too and love Bangkok so much! The shopping was crazy. But due to my budget, we had to skip Bangkok this year. BOOOOOOOOO.
So I have calculated my finance and budget my spending for these four months until December. I've come up with 3 very effective ways to save money, and for a shopaholic like me, it's torturing.

1. Don't eat out. 

This might be hard for those that don't like to cook and wash up, like me. But it does save a lot if you actually make the calculations. Say to cook spaghetti bolognese, it'll costs $20 for you to buy the ingredients (meat, pasta, sauce) and the amount can lasts you for at least 3 meals! If you order a plate of spaghetti bolognese in a restaurant, it'll costs you about $15AUD. You do the math.

2. Only buy what you need, not what you want. 

By that I meant what you need is toothpaste, sanitary pad, contact lens solution, toilet paper etc.. What you want is the new top on display in Bardot, or the new eyeshadow quad by Chanel. You can buy those when you're traveling, or after you travel. What if you found something nicer out there?

3. Sell off things that you don't need 

Storing things that you never wear or use is leading you one step nearer to become a hoarder. And you can earn quick cash too! What's more to say? Take myself for an example, I have always been lazy to sell my uni textbooks after every semester. But now I realized I needed extra cash so I cleared up my bookshelf and sell off all my books at once. I wonder why I've never done that before. You've got to have motivation sometimes I guess.

If you follow these steps properly, and also keep track on your finances regularly, you'll definitely have enough money to go traveling! (& please remember what I meant by that is those places that are within your budget) :) Happy traveling!

Here's some pictures of Japan, can't wait to go back!

With love, 

Winter time - The black wool coat

It's still winter and I needed some inspiration. So I created three different sets of outfits to match with the essential item in every winter, the black wool coat. 

1.Office wear

2.Night out 

3.Day time 

The coat I chose is by Vince. Here's the link if you're interested to purchase that coat. Firstly, let me warn you, it's not cheap...else I would've bought it already. :p This coat is like the perfect coat I have been imagined. Too bad it's way out of my budget. If you can afford it, please get it! It's a staple item in every women's wardrobe and I doubt you can't find anything to match with it in your whole closet!
As we see that the coat is way overpriced, I found some similar ones and they're all within $150 AUD. 
This coat has some unique elements on it. It has the quilted pleather details on its sleeves, rocker chics will love it! ;)
Here's the link to purchase this coat. 

This is from topshop. The only difference between this and Vince's is the buttons! If you can choose to ignore the buttons, ignore it! I personally didn't really like buttons so I always leave my coats unbuttoned. Sometimes I think it looks more stylish because I wanted to show what I'm wearing underneath. Or else what's the point in wasting our time matching outfits with our coats if we're buttoning up anyway? :) 

Gotta go do more research and will keep this blog updated. 

with love, 

Lovin' my colours

So I figured.. If I'm writing a blog, I should let my readers know more about me. This is more of a interior post, please don't get bored? :)

My favourite part in the room. I like to think that the decorations in my room shows people who I am. 
And yes, I'm a colorful person. :p

Let's zoom in to my new favourite part. The pink wooden hand I got from typo. I painted the nails too so it doesn't look as plain. Also, it goes with the rings! ;)

Another favourite part of my room. I got this wall hanger for only $10 at Kmart and didn't want to ruin its prettiness by hanging my jeans on it. So, I put my necklaces to good use. :)

Oh you know, I got bored that day and decided to clean up my desk too to prepare for my new upcoming semester. Can you spot my minions army? :) 

Review: Love Alpha Mascara

So I've almost ran out of my Helena Rubenstein mascara. Unless you have never heard of it, its a very high rated mascara in the market and girls went crazy for it. I have a friend that bought 5 sets at once which I thought its pretty insane. I really like it but not love, not at that stage. :p It was quite pricey for a mascara but it works well on me so never really look for another substitute. 
My boyfriend knew that I'm running out of my HR mascara and he got this lovely Love Alpha mascara from our friend in Hongkong. She said she couldn't really tell the difference between this and HR's. 

When I got it, I gave it a try. It came with a small how-to guide but only in chinese, too bad for the non-chinese readers out there. But it's still comprehensible by the step by step pictures on it. 
At first I thought it wouldn't be as good as HR, as I've never heard of it and it just looks like a replica version of HR. The packaging was really cute, it came with a small leopard print box that I almost thought my boyfriend got me a pair of glasses.

 Love Alpha's packaging. 

Helena Rubenstein's packaging. Tell me it looks exactly the same or what! :O

The natural fiber & Transplanting gel. The fibre has loose fibre that will lengthen your lashes instantly but remember to top it with the transplanting gel. Or else your face will have loose fibre on it and it'll ruin your make up base. Bad bad bad.. Trust me you wouldn't want that. My friend was complaining about it while she tried. Sorry :p

 But other than that, its a good mascara for its price. A great dupe for HR. 
Not sure about the price but I've done some researched on ebay, apprently you can get it as cheap as $6 on eBay! Make sure you check if its trust worthy before you purchase. 

This is how I use the mascara (for the non-chinese readers outthere)
1. Apply one coat of transplanting gel
2. Add a coat of natural fibre. 
3. Apply another coat of transplanting gel. 

And viola! 

 Before with zero mascara on 

 Love Alpha mascara

               Helena Rubenstein Mmascara

Trench coat day 2

Sunny day out here in Adelaide. But still cold under the shades, so I brought out my thick grey wool scarf to add on my somewhat lightweight outfit. I paired it with a denim studded top with a low neck black t shirt to show off the 'casual' look I was going for. Also to add a pop of color to my outfit, I paired it with a hot pink earring (if you try spotting you'll see in this pic) :) 

Coat: Zara
Denim top: Mango
Top: Dotti 
Accessories: Earrings - Colette Hayman